Access Solutions

Access Solutions

Local Cleaning Services specialises in difficult and high access cleaning and we are experts in abseiling, cradle work, bosun's chair and high reach cleaning techniques.

Cherry Pickers

Local Cleaning Services owns two cherry picker platforms. These are used as a solution to all of our awkward access problems. This ensures we have the right equipment to meet your cleaning specifications at all times.


Reach & Wash Systems

Using the Reach & Wash system we can access heights of up to sixty feet without the use of ladders. This system uses water-fed carbon fibre poles leaving a smear-free finish. This minimises Health and Safety concerns and is easily the safest method for fascia and window cleaning.



Local Cleaning Services also emply several qualified abseilers. With many modern buildings it is not always possible to use access platforms, so abseiling can be a great alternative. By employing skilled tradesmen, owning our own platforms and using roped access, we can often reduce the costs considerably.



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